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Helping Brands across Industries Reach New Markets

Stay relevant with Bodega and see how you can incorporate NFTs into your monetisation strategy.


Bespoke Utility

We are powered by Fanfire's sophisticated smart contracts, which can be developed to include bespoke business logic. 

Smart contracts are programs that run on the blockchain when certain conditions are met. This automates the execution of a contract so that all parties can be certain of the outcome, without the need for an intermediary or a delay.


Smart contracts can also run a workflow by automatically triggering the next action when certain conditions are met.

Quick, Secure, Intuitive

We build NFT marketplaces with the average Joe in mind.


Although all Bodega platforms integrates Metamask (a Web3-wallet), each marketplace also supports a custodial wallet system. 

Any client can purchase an NFT using a credit or debit card, and view their NFT in a custodial wallet. 

Customizable Marketplace

Bodega offers a fully customisable NFT marketplace with full blockchain-integration.

Each transaction is recorded on the Polygon blockchain - one of the most environmentally friendly blockchains.

Users and patrons do not need to understand Web3-wallets, cryptocurrency or blockchains in order to purchase your NFTs.

Real-Time NFT Insights

The blockchain acts as a large digital database where encrypted blocks of data are stored and binded (chained) together, forming a chronological single-point-of-truth for all transactions.

This allows Bodega to offer accurate, transparent and real-time information on the trading activity of any NFTs on our platform.


Ready to Kickstart Your Web3 Journey?

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